Effective and COordinated ROAD infrastructure Safety operations
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AIT.jpgAIT, Mobility Department, one of the five departments of the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH and has established itself as a European research centre in the future-oriented fields of mobility. In addition to high-quality measurement and testing technology, AIT Mobility employs state-of the-art simulation methods aiming at guaranteeing the capability and sustainability of transport and energy systems for the future.
AIT, Mobility Department and its business field “Transportation Infrastructure Technologies” manages extensive measurement databases, which are mainly gathered in-house since the early 90s. Within the business field Transportation Infrastructure Technologies the high-level R&D competence consists primarily of accident risk analysis (macroscopic and microscopic analyses), simulation and reconstruction of accident scenes, assessment of potential accident risks, maintenance and continuous improvement of road construction. Part of our daily work is gathering vehicle data using AITs probe vehicle fleet (from bicycles to trucks) to study safety critical manoeuvres and incidents. We collect road survey data and correlate this information with additional transportation-related data to create risk models (e.g. accident prediction models), intelligent telematics solutions, thus contributing significantly to increased traffic safety.

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