Effective and COordinated ROAD infrastructure Safety operations
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The Federal Highway Research Institute / Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen (BASt) is a technical and scientific research institute responsible to the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI). BASt acts as a scientific adviser to the Federal Ministry on technical matters and transport policy and plays a leading role in the formulation of specifications and standards. 

BASt conducts its own research work on issues of special significance on its testing plants. Its tasks include consulting services and drawing up experts reports. Most of BASt areas of work involve cooperation with other research agencies (e.g. BASt is member of FEHRL), particularly institutes associated with universities and colleges. Its work is oriented towards defined aims, like e.g. improving the operational efficiency and safety of roads. BASt has more than 60 years experience in road transport research. 

The department of bridges and structural technology develops methods of advancing designs and structures as well as planning and implementing maintenance measures. All obtained findings are considered when constructing new bridges and tunnels and for the maintenance of existing structures.

The department of traffic engineering covers a wide range of road infrastructure and its equipment. It develops concepts and methods designed to take equal account of the requirements of road traffic safety, traffic flow, the environment and efficiency. 

Expertise in this project:

BASt – Section B3 “Tunnel and Foundation Engineering, Tunnel Operation and Civil Security” - coordinated/worked in several research projects (see list of projects below) dealing with tunnel safety. The following aspects are key research topics: tunnel design, tunnel operation, safety installations in road tunnels, risk analysis of road tunnels, human factors/behaviour with respect to emergency situations in tunnels. BASt has been involved in the negotiation of the directive 2004/54/EG from the very beginning and has also played a leading role in the national implementation of the directive in Germany. BASt is collecting and assessing all data about incidents in road tunnels (fires, accidents, etc.) and prepares the national report to the commission according to article 15 of the directive 2004/54/EC. BASt is representing Germany in the “Road Tunnel Safety” Committee (Directive 2004/54/EC).

BASt – Section V1 “Highway Design, Traffic Flow, Traffic Control”- coordinated/worked in several research projects dealing with road design, road safety management (black spot management, audits and inspections), traffic flow, traffic control, road work zone management and safety, human factors, road infrastructure safety of cyclists. BASt was one of the key player in the process of development and implementation of road safety audits and network safety management framework in Germany. The English translations of the corresponding guidelines (ESAS and ESN) played a major role in the preparation of the EU Directive 2008/96 on road infrastructure safety management. BASt is holding the list of German certified road safety auditors. The German experience on the training and certification of auditors formed a good basis for the PILOT4SAFETY project, co‚Äźfinanced by the European Commission (DG MOVE). 


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