Effective and COordinated ROAD infrastructure Safety operations
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 The Transport Research Centre (CDV) is the only scientific research public institution under the Ministry of Transport. CDV was established in 1992 as a successor to the Czech Departments of Transport Research Institute in Zilina (Slovakia) and since 2007 it is public research institution in Brno. CDV has a certificated quality management system CSN EN ISO 9001:2001. 

The basic purposes of CDV are research and development activities, processing expertise, ensure projects and services for Ministry of Transport, as well as providing expert opinions for authorities, both public and commercial entities. CDV develops cooperation with local authorities, with road administrators and with universities as well. The Transport Research Centre employs more than 150 workers, among whom are experts from all modes of transport. CDV is significantly involved in the international scientific and research cooperation, more than 20% of research incomes are from abroad. CDV was coordinating several of international projects and in some projects was involved as a project partner.

Professional activities are divided into four divisions:

  • Division of transport development
    The main activities of this division comprise research, expertise and service activities for the Ministry of Transport and other organizational units of the state or for local authorities. It conducts research in the field of conceptual work in the development of the transport sector, road, integrated and combined transport, transport informatics and telematics, non-motor transport, civil aviation, and cross-sectional issues in transportation. Within its other activities, it provides consulting, information advisory, and service activities to other entities engaged in the transport sector.
  • Division of transport infrastructure and the environment
    The issues of transport infrastructure are linked to more than fifty-year tradition of research in the field of roads and airfields. Currently it is addressing the tasks focused on rationalization of the design, construction, maintenance and repairs of roads, railway structures and bridges. It also addresses legislation, standardization of technical regulations in the field of transport infrastructure. The environmental issues are focused mainly on the solution of problematic areas, such as: roads with high traffic volumes, urban conglomerations and areas under special protection regime and systematic research and continuous monitoring of environmental burden caused by transport.
  • Division of road safety and traffic engineering
    The division consists of a number of specific departments whose integrating element is traffic safety. A professional team of traffic engineers, psychologists, sociologists, urban planners and educators provide a multidisciplinary approach to research tasks. The division specializes in the issues of addressing road safety at national, regional and local level, traffic safety expertises and analyses, road safety audits and inspections including solutions for hazardous sites, conceptions of transport systems, promoting pedestrian and cycle traffic and traffic of people with reduced mobility, traffic calming, economic analyses (CEA, CBA) and quantification of damage from accidents and traffic research with measurements of traffic flow.
  • Division of human factor in transport and transport modelling
    The division consists of a wide range of experts in natural, social, and technological sciences involved in research projects, which are focused on the issue of the human being as a key element and the prime mover of the transport system. The activities of the division are focused on the issues of basic research dealt with by close cooperation with national and international universities, on transferring of obtained knowledge to practical applications designed for public administration as well as private sector, and on orders where investors require high quality and impartiality guaranteed by the status of an independent public research institution.

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