Effective and COordinated ROAD infrastructure Safety operations
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University of ZilinaThe history of the University of Zilina (UNIZA) began on 1 September 1953 when the University of Railway Transport was founded by separating from the Czech Technical University in Prague. It gradually became an important pillar of education in the fields of transport, which resulted in the change in the name to the University of Transport. It was moved to Zilina in 1960 where it underwent many transformations, and in 1980 it was renamed again to the University of Transport and Communications. Later in 1996, after broadening its fields of interest and other organisational changes, it was renamed the University of Zilina.
The University currently houses seven faculties and seven institutes and employs 641 university teachers. The total number of employees is 1,450. There are currently about 13 thousand students enrolled in all forms of studies. Participating in various international organisations and association Zilina University actively influences the development of European educational and research activities.


Zilinska univerzita v Ziline
Univerzitna 8215/1
010 26 Zilina

Phone number +421 41 513 5001
Contact Details Dr.h.c. Prof. Ing. Tatiana Čorejová, PhD. rektor@uniza.sk (Rector)
Assoc. Prof. Ing. Jozef Ristvej, PhD. Jozef.Ristvej@uniza.sk (Vice-Rector for International Relations & Marketing)
Prof. Ing. Ján Čelko, PhD. Jan.Celko@uniza.sk (Vice-Rector for Science & Research)