Effective and COordinated ROAD infrastructure Safety operations
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ZAG.jpgZAG is a governmental research and testing institute, and an independent, impartial and non-profit organization. As the national building and civil engineering institute, ZAG plays an important role in Slovenia's system of quality attestation and certification in the construction industry. For other construction products, certificates proving their compliance with the currently valid technical regulations, as well as with Slovenian and international standards, are issued. ZAG has been authorized for the attestation and certification of all products and works within the framework of the Slovenian national motorway network construction programme.

In the field of research and development, ZAG cooperates with many similar institutes and university faculties, both in Slovenia and in other countries. In the area of the road asset management it has been for many decades developing tools for efficient management of Slovenian roads. A lot of research efforts have been put into the fields of the road pavement condition monitoring and management, in the road safety and in the road pavement surface characteristics. ZAG has been a partner in several recent European research projects dealing with roads (BRIME, FORMAT, SPENS, SAMARIS, ARCHES, TYROSAFE) and specifically to the road safety (ARROWS, FORMAT, PREVENT, TYROSAFE, SAVeRS). The current national regulation for the temporary traffic management was in a large part based on their outcome.

ZAG researches are active in many national and international organisations dealing with asset management, such as PIARC (World Road Association), CEDR (Conference of European Directors of Roads), IABMAS (International association for Bridge Management and Safety), ISWIM (International Society for Weigh-in-Motion). Also because of ZAG's role in the Slovenian national motorway network construction program its experts have good connections to both national roads network managers - the Slovenian Roads Agency and the Motorway Company of the Republic of Slovenia.


  • ERA NET ROAD II: ASCAM, EVITA, PROCROSS (SRO4 – Asset management)
  • SPENS – Sustainable Pavements for European New Member States (FP6 project)
  • ARCHES – Assessment and Rehabilitation of Central European Highway Structures (FP6 project) 
  • TYROSAFE - Tyre and Road Surface Optimisation for Skid resistance and Further Effects (FP7 project)
  • SAMARIS – Sustainable and Advanced Materials for Road Infrastructures (EC funded project)
  • BRIME – Bridge management in Europe
  • FORMAT - Fully Optimised Road Maintenance
  • ARROWS – Advanced Research on Road Work Zone Safety Standards in Europe (FP4 project)
  • SAVeRS - Selection of Appropriate Vehicle Restraint Systems (CEDR funded project)


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