Effective and COordinated ROAD infrastructure Safety operations
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Interactions (other projects)


ECOROADS builds on the experience of PILOT4SAFETY; a 2010-2013 CSA project that focused on the promotion and further propagation of the EU Directive 2008/96/CE procedures on regional roads which are not covered by the Directive. PILOT4SAFETY contributed to the implementation of coherent safety procedures on the whole road network by:

  • Developing curricula, common training courses and tools for the auditing and inspections of secondary roads in a group of EU Regions tailor made to needs of regional/local authorities;
  • Establishing an agreement between the involved Regions about the acceptance of a common training curricula and the exchange of safety experts;
  • Carrying out one Road Safety Audit and one Road Safety Inspection on a project and on a road stretch (respectively) in each participating Region and by mixed teams of experts.


Other related projects include: