Effective and COordinated ROAD infrastructure Safety operations
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WP3 Workshops with Stakeholders (ETSC)

The first steps for the implementation of the WP3 (work-shop with stakeholders) is to determine the time and the location of the event. This task will be based on a document prepared in advance within WP2. This will contain a series of themes and questions for the stakeholders raised during the previous analyses. The workshop will  aim to discuss the results of the overview of the application of the  two Directives  and  the  details  of  the  exchange  of  best  practices  and  the  joint  safety  operations  described  further  on  in  this  section. 

Each  partner  will  invite  the  most representative associates, in order to guarantee an adequate coverage of European stakeholders;  European  Commission  (DG  Move)  will  be  requested  to  indicate  relevant  stakeholders,  too.  50  participants  from  public bodies,  industry,  research centres and road user associations are expected. The outcome will be a comprehensive discussion and document which will enable the most representative 5 tests sites to be selected.

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