Effective and COordinated ROAD infrastructure Safety operations
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WP6 Guidelines and recommendations (AIPSS)

The goal of WP6 is to provide recommendations and guidelines for the application of the RSA and RSI concepts within the tunnel safety operations  

Task 6.1 started on April 2016 (month 11) by analysing the results of the first workshop, the common procedures defined in the previous task 5.1 and the feedback coming from the first two road safety operations.

Based on such analyses, a preliminary draft of the guidelines has been produced as a confidential deliverable (D6.1, available only for  project partners and  Commission services).

The structure of this first deliverable is such as an “annotated version” of the Common Procedures  adopted for the first two joint pilot safety operations, including  checklists not yet previously used. 

During the year 2016 the further three joint safety operations were completed using the “annotated version” of the common procedures with the check lists; task 6.2 started by analyzing comments of the core group and observers and prepared a confidential document outlining some important results:

Joint safety operations are possible, as demonstrated by their successful completion in the five test sites 

Joint safety operations are useful: there was an unanimous consent about the joint operations’ added value

Involving a foreign expert does not necessarily imply more difficulties and adds value, because he/she brings different approach and different point of view to the safety team

The confidential document has been forwarded to all the participants at the third workshop, held on 21st of February 2017, during which several comments and observations were provided and further ones are expected until March. Then the definitive version of the Guidelines (D6.2) will be delivered, by taking into accounts all the comments received.

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