Effective and COordinated ROAD infrastructure Safety operations
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WP7 Dissemination (ETSC)

Fundamental for a European Research Project, and especially for the EC, are the dissemination activities that ensure that the project’s practical progress and outcomes are widely disseminated to the appropriate target stakeholder audiences, at the appropriate time, via appropriate tools, and the implementation and exploitation activities to ensure that those who can contribute to the development, evaluation, uptake and exploitation of the project’s outcomes can be identified and encouraged to participate so that the project is brought to life after it has ended. All partners will be encouraged to use their partnerships and long-standing experience in EU funded projects to help dissemination and exploitation through their respective technical WPs and activities. 


Dissemination activities will include: 

  • Events organised by ETSC in cooperation with ECOROADS partners
  • Wide network of road safety experts
  • Support from the CDV 
  • Press releases (in conjunction with main events or the release of project milestones)
  • Presentations of ECOROADS project at events around Europe
  • Links with other events and policy developments (Eg. European Road Safety Week, UN Road Safety Week)
  • Articles in newsletters (eg ETSC Safety Monitor)
  • Informal meetings with stakeholders at European level and Officials of EU institutions
  • Final dissemination report.

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